Ant Zen Act 177 CD by gjöll

  • Label: Ant Zen
  • Title: Way Through Zero
  • Reference: Ant Zen Act 177 CD
  • Format: CD
  • Country: DE
  • Categories: Ambient electronica 2 euros cds
  • Style: Concept Album
  • Weight: 0.18
  • Release date: 02/04/2006
  • Catalog entry: 05/10/2017
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Ant Zen Act 177 CD review

gjöll are two individuals, jóhann eiríksson (member of the musical projects reptilicus and product 8) and sigurður harðarson (member of black metal band forgarður helvitis). 'way through zero' is gjöll's initial release. music, lyrics and artwork of this cd should be seen as a conceptual work. the lyrics in icelandic language tell a story of a man´s anger evolving. in the beginning this person is pessimistic and moody, feeling powerless and hiding his' head in the sand. the second part shows his' rising anger towards the powers oppressing him - part 3 continues showing the pure hatred which seems to absorb his' soul and drive him into madness. but then in part 4 a process of analysis and rethinking takes place: he realizes that the only way fighting his' suppressors is to change the perception - power and it's exertion is only existant as long as individuals give it a right to exist. as soon as the vicious circle is broken, the man has found peace of mind. the story's musical visualization will haunt you right from the first minute. each of the five parts stands for itself, showing the main person's mental state from depressed to aggressive and finally released. an astounding sound variety within its isolated shell, starting with pulsing sub-basses and synth layers over a driving rhythmic sequence to noise drones, ambience with high frequency sonic attacks and finally ending with a silent, melodic phrase. the vocals carrying the lyrics range from clean and quiet up to heavily distorted and terribly filled with hatred. there aren't many other recordings left to be played after this aural struggle. if we should dare a comparison: the scandinavian darker industrial area isn't that far from the 'way through zero'. packaging: jewelcase 16 page booklet including all lyrics in icelandic and english language.

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