Ini Itu 0801 de Blindhaed

  • Label: Ini-Itu
  • Titre: Weather That Will Make People...
  • Référence: Ini Itu 0801
  • Format: LP One Sided
  • Pays: BE
  • Catégories: Ambient electronica
  • Style: Ambient Indus, Drones
  • Poids: 0.26
  • Date de sortie: 23/01/2011
  • Ajouté le: 23/01/2011
  • Note moyenne:

Ini Itu 0801 Commentaire

by Justin Wunsch
from Still Single
(offshoot of Dusted Magazine) :
Abstraction! The sleeve of this one-sided 12” thanks the Dutch airline KLM for flying the band to Indonesia , where (one must assume) the source sounds were collected for this record. This is a nice deep-listening hodgepodge of objects processed with a computer (as this is the way of contemporary musique concrète). You'll hear taps, thumps, scrapes, distorted twinkling bells, echoed atmospheres and slow ringing tones, and while it's carefully assembled there's nothing particularly direct about the presentation. If you want excitement, look for the dadaist collages of the Bohman Brothers or maybe Matmos; this is a different perspective entirely. A recording like this rewards patience and though it occasionally oversteps the electronic effects it's generally on the right side of a long balancing act. I do question the need for going to Indonesia to gather source material, when you could probably just look in your own kitchen cupboard and find household objects to make similar sounds. There's nothing 'ethnic' about the sounds on this record, so maybe this was created as a document of their experience. Fair enough – Blindhaed's sonic archaeology is a much more beautiful travel memento than, say, uploading a bunch of photos to Flickr.

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