Ini Itu 0901 de Twinkle³

  • Label: Ini-Itu
  • Titre: Let's Make A Solar System
  • Référence: Ini Itu 0901
  • Format: LP
  • Pays: BE
  • Catégories: Ambient electronica
  • Style: Ambient Indus, Drones
  • Poids: 0.26
  • Date de sortie: 23/01/2011
  • Ajouté le: 23/01/2011
  • Note moyenne:

Ini Itu 0901 Commentaire

description on Boomkat,
april 2010 :

Released on the same Ini.itu label that gave us the great Francisco Lopez LP Untitled 228, this album is just as limited in supply, pressed up in an edition of 250 copies. Twinkle3 is the trio of Richard Scott (who plays Buchla Lightning, analogue synthesizer and sampler), David Ross (a multi-instrumentalist specialising in various strange and exotic devices, previously heard improvising with Evan Parker) and Clive Bell (an accomplished shakuhachi player), surely the best known of the three, having played on Jah Wobble's last 18 albums as well as recordings by David Sylvian, Paul Schutze, Bill Laswell and Jeff Beck. Let's Mae A Solar System takes on a sound that seems to mix and match various different elements that wouldn't immediately seem to be compatible. In addition to plodding, dub-tinged analogue synthesizer basslines, the electronic components throw up all kinds of different flecks of spongy debris, but it's the clash between these elements and the far earthier tones of Bell's Japanese flute or Ross's Hawaiian tremoloa that make this record so sonically unique. Despite the potential for a cross-cultural hodgepodge, it transpires that all players know exactly what they're doing and the resultant recordings are not only coherent but highly musical too, with the low-end rhythmic presence of Scott's synthesizer maintaining a welcoming rumble through much of the album. The final passage on the B-side, 'For Dust' stands out for abandoning these sorts of sounds, instead relying on a steadied, hand-crafted flow of slow jazzy tones for its driving force. A very unusual LP that occasionally stirs up references to organic electronic practitioners like Tape, or even Mouse On Mars, Let's Make A Solar System doesn't quite sound like anything else.

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