Ini Itu 1001 de D'incise

  • Label: Ini-Itu
  • Titre: Rivage Sur L'Antipode
  • Référence: Ini Itu 1001
  • Format: LP
  • Pays: BE
  • Catégories: Ambient electronica
  • Style: IDM, Electronica, Ambient
  • Poids: 0.26
  • Date de sortie: 23/01/2011
  • Ajouté le: 23/01/2011
  • Note moyenne:

Ini Itu 1001 Commentaire

from Vital Weekly 759 ( dec 2010)
[... discussion about "Mutations" ]

On an entirely different nature is the album by Laurent Peter, finally we have a name for D'Incise from Switzerland, who received slighty similar sound material as Francisco Lopez did for his album for this label (see Vital Weekly 711), but Peter does something completely different with it. His main method is sampling the hell out of anything. It perhaps also reveals a bit more what Lopez used, as that was rather a mystery back then. Percussive sounds from Indonesia for instance, which D'Incise explores these for the lowest, grainy textures, chopped up to form new rhythms, cut from 'real' sound and the hiss between. Ini.itu compares this with some of the older and more experimental releases on Mille Plateaux/Ritornell, and I can see that. It shares that somewhat crude approach to sampling, the click 'n cut approach musicians like Random Inc and Kid606 had back then, but D'Incise never comes close to playing any 'dance' related music. The textures are sometimes pretty 'vague', shimmering perhaps, but I think that kind of adds nicely to the record. Its probably the best record by D'Incise I heard so far. The compositions are worked out better, and never seem to take more time than necessary. Very nice. Two entirely different records, twice good.

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