Civil Music 48 de Darling Farah, Lando Kal, Jimmy Edgar, Bambounou

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‘Body Remixed’ follows Darling Farah’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Body’. Jimmy Edgar, Lando Kal and Bambounou each choose tracks from the LP to remix and Darling Farah’s adds his own ‘Live Edit’ of ‘Aaangel’ Darling Farah’s Live edit of Aaangel revises the beautiful simplicity of the original. A pulsing beat intensifies as it rises and Farah’s trademark sparse atmospherics become charged as the rhythms gather pace. Brimming in sensation and swelling around a muted driving pneumatic groove the track mirrors the experience of Darling Farah’s exhilarating and synapse synced live performances. Fusing the purist aesthetics of his native Detroit with mechanical soul creating sublime dancefloor tension, rewarding anticipation and heightening senses with subtle euphorics and delayed pyrotechnics Jimmy Edgar has been at the forefront of the electronic music spectrum for more than decade with releases on Warp, Steve Bug’s Poker Flat, Citinite, Isophlux, Studio !K7, Glass Table, Nonplus and more recently on Scuba's Hotflush label. The now Berlin based, Detroit native reworks his Motor City brethren's LP title track, 'Body'. Rippling '90s House riffs, smouldering rhythms and fizzing ambience jam with raunchy vocals and the learned understanding of original Electro, House and Techno borne of steamier Detroit 'floors. Include a debonaire's taste for slicker, modern European electronics, the breathy vocal shards of the original and a added nagging vocal hook "You got to.." and presumably you will "move your..." Lando Kal is known to many as one half of Bay Area Hip Hop duo Laser Sword, to others it’s his cyber-fresh techno/house/garage hybrid 12”s on Scuba’s Hotflush Label and for Rush Hour that has focused their attention on the now Berlin based producers outstanding and unique output. Stylistically tending towards to the later he continues his lengthy purple patch with his remix of ‘Aaangel’. Cutting advanced electronic funk and rolling Techno he flexes some powerful production muscle reconstructing the melody and adding futuristic robotic vocals “I need to find my Aaangel”. Cold sleazed-up techno and lush digital ambience heavily imbued with floating smoky seduction. This is a skillfully nuanced and spacious groover that really bumps. Finally, Parisian producer and Joaquim collaborator Bambounou (who has just announced his debut album for Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons imprint) wraps things up with his heavy tech-house take on ‘Fortune’, Part of Paris’s YoungGunz crew (other members include French Fries and Manare) he offers a jacking, cyclic piece of percussive and syncopated techno that builds on the minimal dub techno aesthetic of the original, adding the slightest pinch a ghetto-tech flavour with its high-torque kick and melody eschewing low-end. Dark and paradoxically warm Bambounou expertly balances rhythm and bass making a track highly effective for both head and feet.

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