The Bass Academy Vol.6 - LTD de DJ Overdose, Cosmic Force

  • Label: The Bass Academy
  • Titre: All In The Mix II / Return Of The Electric Vision
  • Référence: The Bass Academy 06
  • Format: 12'' LTD
  • Pays: FR
  • Catégories: Electro / breaks Home prod
  • Style: Electro, Miami Bass
  • Poids: 0.24
  • Date de sortie: 28/09/2021
  • Ajouté le: 28/09/2021
  • Note moyenne:

The Bass Academy Vol.6 - LTD Commentaire

Featuring electro veterans DJ Overdose and Cosmic Force, The Bass Academy 6th’s release pays hommage to the Dutch electro sound! French label run by Vstee highlights this time a country, Holland, that have seen some of the most incredible electro artists ermerging for more than two decades, ranging from I-F to Unit Moebius passing through Nimoy, Electronome or Legowelt.
'A' side kicks off with Dj Overdose’s killer “All In The Mix II” tune. Following his “Emulator Armour” first album on L.I.E.S plus numerous remixes this year, Rotterdamn's ever prolific DJ Overdose delivers a West Coast Dutch future classic made of tense metallic sororities over hammering yet slow electro bass rhythms.
On the flip, Ben “Cosmic Force” Spaander signs with “Return Of The Electric Vision” an uncompromising electro funk rework of his timeless “The Electric Vision” mayhem released on Frustrated Funk back in 2002.
The 2021 version goes deeper into the realm serving up a dark slaughter based upon pounding beats, gloomy synth layers and the haunting voice of Miss DLM!
With its collectible orange sleeve reminding of Holland’s flag, this one is for the hardcore electro fans out there!
by Chris Nexus6

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