Mixer Mxcd2 by Thu20

  • Label: Stichting Mixer
  • Title: Live in Groningen
  • Reference: Mixer Mxcd2
  • Format: CD
  • Country: NL
  • Categories: 2 euros cds
  • Style: Abstract Ambient
  • Weight: 0.10
  • Release date: 08/25/2002
  • Catalog entry: 01/07/2005
  • Average rating:

Mixer Mxcd2 review

Dutch electro-acoustic ensemble THU20 is the co-operation between Roel Meelkop, Peter Duimelinks, Sjac van Bussel and Ios Smolders. The strength varies, their releases are limited and live shows rare. Not a steady thing this THU to say the least.. Despite all of this, all four have firm ideas about music and performances. THU has a unique sound, established through numerous experiments in recording and several collaborations (they've worked on hearplays, spoken word projects, highly conceptual music-making and so on), but still is not a defined thing.. and that's good. The THU20 philosophy is one which fits perfectly with our own and obviously Mixer is very proud to release this cd. "Live in Groningen" is an edited version of a performance they did during the CASA ELECTRONICA festival high up north in the Netherlands. The hearplay-like character of their set/ music is very much imaginative and holds a lot of anekdotal, but still fairly abstract elements. The sound of THU20 is a multi-layered object, compiled of numerous sonic happenings, going through the complete range of audible sound and certainly not in a lineair way. From highly digital to dusty acoustics, from pleasantly calm to disturbingly hectic. It is exactly this tension and variation which keeps you tuned and fascinated. The way basic elements like repetition, tonal differences and time-elapse are used is truly original and surprising. Things move around completely free, accessible for one's own thoughts and interpetation, adding to the constantly changing texture. THU20 dashes around sound, though all is embedded in a very gentle stream of subtle tones and little sound-events, which makes this work perfectly suitable for extended and intense listening... THU20 has released previously on Staalplaat, Flenix and Midas Music.

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