Payment terms

PAYBOX Credit card Online Payment System.

Thanks to technologies employed and the absence of printed paper form mentioning in light the number of bank card, we affirm you that it is more making safe to pay with its bank card on the sites affiliated to PAYBOX that in the majority of the trade of proximity.

The whole of the phases of payment to be realized between the purchaser and PAYBOX entirely is crypté and protected. The protocol used is SSL coupled to banking electronic money.

That means that information related to the order and the number of the bank card do not circulate in light on Internet.
The number of bank card is printed on no paper, invoices, small invoice or another listing.
The tradesman is not informed of the numbers of charts.
PAYBOX does not preserve the numbers of chart after having transmitted the transaction of payment to the bank of the tradesman.

Thus, no person has data-processing access neither of way, nor in a printed way to the co-ordinates bank cards of the purchasers. The risk to be made "pirate" its number of bank card at the time of a purchase on an Internet site equipped with PAYBOX SYSTEM is null.

Various stages of securisation of the payment on Internet: With each request for payment, the purchaser rocks of the commercial waiter, towards the waiter of payment PAYBOX SYSTEM, of connection with the banking world.

  1. The purchaser arrives on a page of payment cryptée SSL
  2. Seizure of the number of chart, completion date of validity, visual cryptogram and request for authorization. The connection between the purchaser and waiter PAYBOX SYSTEM is established in HTTPS, protocol made safe with SSL, which crypt the whole of exchanged information. This protection protects the data sent by the Internet and guarantees to the purchaser that its number of bank card cannot be intercepted in light by a third during its transfer towards protected waiter PAYBOX SYSTEM. The banner page of PAYBOX SYSTEM informs the purchaser on his purchase: presentation of the name of the tradesman (what guarantees that the trade was authenticated)
  3. When the number of chart passed a first level of control (key of Luhn, oppositions, etc), waiter PAYBOX SYSTEM emits a request for authorization towards the center of the bank to which the tradesman is affiliated. This is carried out by using the lines of credit standardized on a telecommunications network specialized
  4. The center of authorization of the bank returns a number of authorization or a refusal. If the payment is accepted, PAYBOX SYSTEM carries out the following operations then: - posting of the ticket of payment on the screen of the purchaser (option) - sending of the ticket of payment by e-mail to the purchaser and the tradesman - the number of chart is on the other hand never returned to the tradesman.
  5. The purchaser is then automatically redirected towards the waiter of the tradesman, where it can take again the course of his visit
  6. A particular process, developed by PAYBOX Services, makes it possible PAYBOX SYSTEM to supervise in real time the behavior of the carrier, in particular to avoid the use of the waiter of payment as tester of automatically generated numbers of chart, or for other types of attacks:
    • search for BIN per increment, derivation or mask
    • multiplication of the tests with various scratch dates
    • addresses (IP) carrying random
    • "wandering" chart, etc...

Check that you are in mode made safe at the time to pay on line.
In this case, a closed lock appears in bottom of the window of the software of navigation.

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You can pay your order with Paypal.
PayPal system accept credit cards from all the world.
You just have to sign up here .
A PAYPAL extra charge of 4% will be counted on tour order.
Our paypal adress is :


Payment with cheque is only possible for our French customers.
As you have entered your order , a registration number will be given to you. Please write it at the back of your cheque. The receiver of your cheque is toolbox and please send it to the adress below.

30 rue St Ambroise
75011 Paris

Your order by cheque will be recorded but you will receive your order after reception of payment.

Postal Order

You simply need to go to a post office, there you have to pay the price of your order by cash to the recipient : TOOLBOX. Then write the registration number (which will be given to you) at the top right of the first section of the Postal Order and send it to the address below.

SAS Toolbox Records
30 rue St Ambroise
75011 Paris
Siret : 511 220 253 00013

Your order will be taken into account but we will send you your order after the reception of the first section of your Postal Order.

credit transfer

bank informations :

code Bank: 30003 – code Guichet: 03510 - N° of account: 00027000169 - RIB key: 89
Domiciliation: SG Paris St Merri
bank name : Société Générale


International Banking Account Number(IBAN) : FR76 30003 03510 00027 000169 89
Bank Identification Code(BIC): SOGEFRPP
Bank Adress :
Société générale
34 bd de Sebastopol
75004 Paris - France

Phone & credit card

Call us to the +33(0)148058016 and get your number of CB and its expiration date.
We do not keep your credit card numbers following your call.
The only restriction is to call during the days of opening (GMT +1, Monday of 15h with 18h and Tuesday at Saturday of 13h30 with 19h30).
You can FAX you CB numbers at 00 331 48 05 81 16. Write you N° of order, and CB numbers + expiration date.