Vinyl On Demand 132-5-6 by Vox Populi!

  • Label: Vinyl On Demand
  • Title: Imaginary Mysctisms & Alternative Watermelons
  • Reference: Vinyl On Demand 132-5-6
  • Format: 2xLP 7"
  • Country: DE
  • Categories: Industrial Ambient electronica
  • Style: Ambient Industrial, Ethnic Industrial, oriental
  • Weight: 0.55
  • Release date: 12/06/2014
  • Catalog entry: 12/06/2014
  • Average rating:

Vinyl On Demand 132-5-6 review

Vox Populi! was founded by Axel Kyrou in 1981 and occupied a central and a single place in the history of french (ethno)-industrial music.

Its singularity layed in the combination of seldom joined elements, so much so that the label of “ethno-industrial” was often affixed to VP!

The cold wave and minimalist trends featured on the first record release (the ep ‘Ectoplasmies’, 1983) were soon overwhelmed by all kinds of strange experiments, most often involving very disparate kind of musics (at the same time) : ethnic, electronic, concrete music, funk, experimental, industrial, ….

Many musicians were involved along the years, but Axel’s most decisive meeting was with Mitra (vocals in Persian) and her brother Arash (percussions), twoIranians from Teheran and installed from an early age in France. Together with Axel (synth, organ and production) and Francis Man (bass and guitar), the main they quickly became group members.

Consequently, the use of “traditional” instruments and, especially, Mitra’s voice will give the music of VP! its specific tonality, without locking it up in a single style. Freedom was the alpha and omega of the music making philosophy. No rules , no boundaries of any kind. Setting the recording environment as to facilitate unforeseen events to happen. Mostly first takes, of course.

They had their own home studio in Paris and plenty of time to experiment without any pressure. Thus VP!’s productivity became very important, beginning with a first LP “Myscitismes” in 1985, entirely re-released here for the first time.

Loaded with a strong spirituality, aureoled of a meditative halo, it is the fruit of a harmonious marriage and fluidity between electronic elements (synthesizers, rhythm box, loops), Mitra’s voice and acoustic instruments played by Arash (percussions, zither).

One finds there also flutes and the horn of Axel which will become a recurring element. This 2Lp/7inch-Set features also most of the ‘ectoplasmies ep’, large extracts from the 5 cassettes the band released between 1983 and 1988, very seldom heard compilation tracks (VP! were featured on more then 70 compilations during the 80’s) and unreleased tracks.

The whole VP! Story is told in a 16 pages booklet by Tristan Koreya, the man behind the Nostalgiedelaboue blogspot and label, with original photos.

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