2020 LDN 05 by Deft, Ivy Lab, Fixate, Sinistarr, Havelock, Balatron, Phazz, Shield, Fracture, Mr Frenkie

  • Label: LDN Recordings
  • Title: Ivy Lab Presents: 20/20, Vol. 2
  • Reference: 2020 LDN 05
  • Format: 2xLP
  • Country: UK
  • Categories: Bass dubstep grime Drum & bass
  • Style: Bass, Hip Hop, Drum N' Bass
  • Weight: 0.50
  • Release date: 11/26/2016
  • Catalog entry: 11/26/2016
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2020 LDN 05 review

Highly limited 2x12" Vinyl package housed in a custom unique spot-gloss sleeve. 300 copies, Act Quick!
Featuring 14 exclusive tracks, ‘20/20 LDN Volume Two’ highlights the brightly diverse and fertile half­time scene. Headed up by North London collective Ivy Lab (producers Sabre, Stray and Halogenix), the 20/20 LDN project operates as a record label and club night, spearheading a movement tracing the link between bass music and hip­hop.

“Cover all corners of the 20/20 genre­ pool and drop a killer various artists LP once a year ­ that was always the plan. We’ve taken the bounciest cuts from the Ivy Lab vaults and paired them with the choicest picks from our in­house acts, some untapped talent, and guest appearances from artists that boast a lineage ranging from Teklife to Exit to Soul:ection to Project Mooncircle. These guest features are some of the most exciting we’ve had the pleasure to commission. The V/A LP format is the ideal (and perhaps the only) canvas to bring such a broad church together.” ­ Ivy Lab

Reserved exclusively for Ivy Lab cuts, the release of Volume One in November 2015 announced the label; furthering the group’s broad musical identity on top of their drum & bass origins. “ This insanely talented trio has breathed new life into drum & bass” declared UKF, while Mixmag proclaimed it “the debut album the drum & bass world’s been itching to hear”. 2016 saw releases by Deft (“a truly talented beatsmith” Boiler Room), Shield (“one of the most subversive and catchy drops of the year.” Resident Advisor) and Ivy Lab’s own ‘Fortuna’ EP featuring ‘Can’t Say No’ with Roses Gabor ( “hauntingly heavy” i­D). With Ivy Lab’s debut album proper in the works, ‘Volume 2’ caps a breakout year where the trio have taken the sound of 20/20 LDN overground via clubs and festivals across the planet. What was once an emerging landscape of sounds operating in the hinterlands between footwork, jungle/drum’n’bass, hip­hop and future beats; is now a bonafide worldwide scene, as defined as the genres it’s influenced by.

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