Zamzam 49 by J.Sparrow, Dan Man

  • Label: Zamzam
  • Title: This A Sound
  • Reference: Zamzam 49
  • Format: 7"
  • Country: US
  • Categories: Dub / ragga
  • Style: Dub, Stepper Dub
  • Weight: 0.15
  • Release date: 01/28/2017
  • Catalog entry: 01/28/2017
  • Average rating:
  • This records is a second hand. Condition: Very Good (Looks a bit used, but sounds as New)

Zamzam 49 review

ZamZam 49 is an absolute stormer from Leeds-based Ryan Wild AKA J.Sparrow. Well-known to dubstep heads worldwide, it is an absolute pleasure to present this massive reggae sound system stepper.

A pounding kick, majestic horns and the powerful chanting of Iration Steppas’ Dan Man anchor “This A Sound” from the first drumroll. A masterclass in less-is-more aesthetics, the subsequent layering of nimble hats, cutting snare, subtle guitar and bubbling bass only serve somehow to give the impression of more space, even while ramping up the intensity and power of the tune.

“This A Version” Strips back the horns and voice, opening up reverb-drenched wells of darkness, a primal and mesmerizing space for dancers and meditators alike. Only a truly accomplished producer can wring so much vibes from so few elements. With its minimalist grace and elemental power, we guarantee you’ll be reaching for this plate well into the future.

Producing dubstep and bass music since 2006, Wild’s non-stop touring and releases on labels including Tectonic, Black Box and Deep Medi have made him one of the most respected and visible producers in the scene. A previous collaboration between Dan Man and Wild’s ‘Author' project yielded a mighty tune called "Jah Live” that spawned numerous remixes. Claston Brooks AKA Dan Man is a veteran musician and singer best known for his touring and recording work with Iration Steppas sound system, as well as killer releases on Indica Dubs, Conscious Sounds, Scoops, OBF, and Roots Factory.

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