Crucial 14 by Sleeper, Mesck, Saule, Moonstones, Oxossi, Samba

  • Label: Crucial Recordings
  • Title: Crucial EP Vol 1
  • Reference: Crucial 14
  • Format: 12"
  • Country: UK
  • Categories: Bass dubstep grime
  • Style: Dubstep
  • Weight: 0.24
  • Release date: 12/23/2017
  • Catalog entry: 12/23/2017
  • Average rating:

Crucial 14 review

Sleeper’s Crucial Recordings imprint comes bearing generous sonic offerings of its characteristically standard-setting and ever-expanding output with their newest release, CRUCIAL014; a compilation comprised of Crucial’s own family lineage. The highly prolific label has build themselves a resounding reputation within the underground scene for pushing their unprecedented mission for delivering multifaceted and boundary shattering bass music, with CRUCIAL014 proving as the newest groundbreaking addition to their vision. Featuring the stylings of Saule, Moonstones, Mesck, Oxóssi, Samba and labelhead Sleeper, CRUCIAL014 is bursting at the seams with four weighty, innovative, unorthodox and infectious beats that abandon all stylistic expectations with its addictive, future-facing grooves.

This mighty compilation reveals itself through Saule and Moonstones’ “Triple Threat;” an alluring web of enchanting melodies juxtaposed with undeniably thunderous, militant power that evoke exceptionally contagious primal energy. Mesck continues to fuel the highly volatile flame of this release with “Johnny, Are You A Ghost;” boasting an unmistakably powerful, highly original and explosive sound that blurs the lines of headphone and dancefloor listening. The B-Side to CRUCIAL014 commences with Sleeper’s contribution, “Holy Guacamole;” a mixture of the earthy meditation of dubstep’s powerful roots and unmistakable percussive sway while keeping the energy dark, moody and forward-facing. Lastly, Oxóssi and Samba’s “Orbitals” draws this complex and eclectic musical roller coaster to an exciting climax; offering a collaboration brimming with angry growls and guttural midrange melodies. Encased within its four tracks, Crucial’s latest collaborative release, CRUCIAL014, offers a multifaceted buffet of sounds, styles, textures, moods and emotions that demonstrate the far reaches of Crucial Recordings’ diversifying and irreplaceable personality.

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