Tribal Zik 01 by Didjaman, Ollia Horton, Sylvain Gourlay

Tribal Zik 01 review

Electro Didgeridoo House deep noises and electro music … A unique style offering that crazy melt between unique Didgeridoo instrument, effects and filters and... skills:)

Tympanum is the new album RAPHAEL Didjaman, which will intoxicate
your ear and move your body in a new musical atmosphere ELECTRO
Iconoclastic sound explorer, Raphael Didjaman dared once again, put the
foot and the didgeridoo, where we did not expect !
Upon introduction of this timeless album, the mysterious voice of Ollia
HORTON (radio RFI & IDFM) plunges us into a physical reflection on our
ear and use... all wrapped in a spatio-temporal universe hovering thanks
to synthesizers and Raphael Didjaman to didgeridoos, he knows so well
how to weep and sing !
Follows a gentle determined Electro, which takes you on irresistible
rhythms, interspersed with scenes reminiscent of the crazy and trippy
concert of PINK FLOYD and PLASTIKMAN !
After 40 intense minutes, Raphael Didjaman fence on his "RAVEL'S
VISION", a very surprising adaptation of the famous Bolero by Ravel,
where didgeridoos replaced the famous snare of this essential work!
The melody is played by the talented pianist SYLVAIN GOURLAY a
legendary BOB MOOG synthesizer ... would it be a homecoming?

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