BCA Imago Series 01 by Matter

  • Label: Black Chrysalis Archives
  • Title: Dangerous Vision - BCA imago series 01
  • Reference: Black Chrysalis Archives 01
  • Format: 12"
  • Country: IT
  • Categories: Techno / hardtechno Pre-orders
  • Style: Industrial techno, Broken Techno
  • Weight: 0.24
  • Release date: 12/20/2017
  • Catalog entry: 12/20/2017
  • Average rating:

BCA Imago Series 01 review

First release for the Imago Series of the label Black Chrysalis Archives. All tracks by Matter, exept the track B1, written and produced by Matter and r²π.
Matter is Fabrizio Matrone aka Heidseck. After releasing several records produced by labels such as the Ukrainian Kvitnu, Le Petit Machiniste (Germany) and Soviet media Kontrol (US), Matter joins the Black Chrysalis Archives (Italy) family, with this 4 track work, named Dangerous Vision, for the BCA Imago Series.

The record winds through a scratchy and dirty taste of capturing electronic music. In the tracks A1, A2 and B2, rhytmic elements add to the analog soundscapes similar to dying urban monsters, sounding like an old and tireless hydraulic press from the industrial revolution holing the whole texture. Surgery of noise addomesticates distortions, making these tracks a “must” for power electronics lovers and djs.

r²π (Retina.it, Ruhig and PRG/M) precious collaboration fuses to the work. The track B1 (The Preserving Machine) in fact is part of a ten hand take at Sy6 studio. Impregnated by a more minimalistic and essential approach to think about techno, this track gives to B side a particular deep clubbing techno flavour of European tradition.

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