Cold Light Music 03 by Sunun

Cold Light Music 03 review

Absolute stunner of a disc from Bristol’s very own Sunun, the third disc on Cold Light, served up in a double-drop along with the CL002 compilation (also featuring a Sunun cut by the way)

Following on from her stunning tripped out, hazy dubwise debut 12″ for Bokeh Versions some months ago, it’s a real pleasure to see more music surfacing from this singular brain.

For this 12″ on the new Bristol label, Sunun sprawls out, in extra-meditative style & fashion, across a spectrum of her unique ‘dub-not-dub’ ‘ambient-not-ambient’ styles.
Sliding faders, modular effects & organic sound sources make up part of her already so distinguishable and unique sonics, amp’d up and played in via an Akai MPC, which she teaches us ‘how not to use’ on the first track on this record – it may be wrong, but it sounds right to us!
Perhaps extending her teachings, on ‘Away’ she’s sampling breaks, bass and pads, which is in fact textbook usage of this classic Akai sampler, but the final outcome is indeed much more restrained and hands-on than your average boom-bap or junglist MPC sound – her version is much more raw, personal, uncomformist and reaches the deepest depths.
It’s all about the way those breaks rise and fall through that inimitable MPC resonant filter section, leaking concise rations of that junglist energy over a horizontal stretched out blue chord and the kind of bass that wraps around your belly and makes you feel fed.
This one can happily play on repeat, but then you’d be missing out on the equally enchanting sounds of ‘don’t fuck with the pluck’ ‘Msg inna stab’ (oosh those chords!) and ‘Z.O’ –
it’s all great. Full support.

Edition of 250.
Hand-stamped hand-numbered,
with A4 colour insert design by O$VMV$M.

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