Hymen 52 by Enduser

  • Label: Hymen
  • Title: form without function
  • Reference: Hymen 52
  • Format: 2x12''
  • Country: DE
  • Categories: Breakcore
  • Style: Drill breakcore
  • Weight: 0.24
  • Release date: 06/20/2006
  • Catalog entry: 06/20/2006
  • Average rating:

Hymen 52 review

within the last few years, lynn standafer has become a well-recognized artist in the breakcore scene. his output is tremendous - not too long after 'the end', he now presents his new full length release, ‘form without function’ (featuring guest appearances by dj hidden, speaker wrath, somatic responses, submerged and silentkiller). 'form without function' follows what began with 'comparing paths': a movement from the raw sampling and breakbeat madness of his earlier works to the 21st century version of drum and bass - drum and bass with more breaks, ragga vocals and tight fitting sample work. the most basic foundation of the tracks on this album are a continuation of the sound created by artists like panacea in the 90s - straight-forward d'n'b with mighty, pounding basslines. this foundation is combined with the styles mentioned above - which is more than a 'mixture' - it's a style on it's own - 100% enduser. the rough moods conveyed by many breakcore acts cannot be found here - 'form without function' is a straight and tight release that does not cause eardrums to shatter. the speed is turned down in 'keep telling' which gives the listener time to relax but 'the choke' will get you moving again. the slightly melancholic 'by a thread' with it's bright piano is the perfect conclusion to the album. a truly fine example of a work of art by one of the innovators of the break based sound.

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