The Bass Academy Vol.5 - LTD de Bass Junkie, Gods Of Technology, Phil Klein

  • Label: The Bass Academy
  • Titre: Boogie Down Bronx / Future Computer
  • Référence: The Bass Academy Vol.5 - LTD
  • Format: 12''
  • Pays: FR
  • Catégories: Electro / breaks Home prod
  • Style: Electro, Miami Bass
  • Poids: 0.24
  • Date de sortie: 21/01/2020
  • Ajouté le: 21/01/2020
  • Note moyenne:

The Bass Academy Vol.5 - LTD Commentaire

For its fifth release, french label The Bass Academy goes back into time!!! Originally written by legendary Man Parrish, "Boogie Down Bronx", a cult classic from 1984, sees a mighty resurrection with a "fresh mix" rework from UK Electro veteran Bass Junkie. Not the first time Phil Klein (Battle Trax, Breakin' Records) remixes Man Parrish as he committed in 2002 the heavy “Bass Junkie's Boogie Down Bass Mix” of “Hip Hop Re Bop”. Today, he serves up an uncompromising electro funk mayhem made of old schoolish samples, vintage synth melodies, retro congas, relentless scratches and pounding 808 beats. This brand new Sci-Fi anthem, enhanced with the legitimate legacy from the past, will invite you for some irresistible B-Boy breakdancing movements on the linoleum!!! Tuuuuuunnne! On the flipside, Phil teams up once again with long time partner in crime Simon “The Dexorcist” Brown. Together, as Gods Of Technology, (Battle Trax), they revisit another untouchable song, “Future Computer”, an exclusive to TBA track written by Jamie Jupitor and published in 2017 (TBA02). Metallic sororities melt with nasty vocoder sequences and imparable whispers turn the cut into an ode to the dancefloor thanks to harsh and hammering beats. What a timeless monster in pure West Coast tradition! With abrasive outings to appear on the forthcoming months including an incredible album with Matt Whitehead on Dominance Electricity, Phil Klein definitively returns to studios stronger than ever, putting a end to a short blackout. Rush in this hypnotizing collector 12”, limited as usual to 150 copies as it marks one of Phil Klein’s best releases to date!

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