Ad Noiseam 78 de AZ ROTATOR

  • Label: Ad Noiseam
  • Titre: Gfreaky Vintage DiscoBreaks
  • Référence: Ad Noiseam 78
  • Format: 12''
  • Pays: DE
  • Catégories: Breakcore
  • Style: Drill breakkcore
  • Poids: 0.25
  • Date de sortie: 06/10/2007
  • Ajouté le: 06/10/2007
  • Note moyenne:

Ad Noiseam 78 Commentaire

Two years have passed between the release of AZ-Rotator's album “Science of Chance” album and “Freaky Vintage Disco Breaks”, but they have been two very busy years for Uge Ortiz (AZ-Rotator). Besides polishing the four tracks of his vinyl début, he has proved to be a must-have acts for festival all over Europe. From Barcelona's Sonar Festival to Berlin's Transmediale, from sunny outdoor stages in Spain to Germany's loud Maschinenfest, he has demonstrated repeatedly the dichotomy of his project: detailed, subtle and carefully crafted in the studio, but unmistakably dancefloor-oriented and crowd-pleasing on stage. If the previous “Science of Chance” was the fruit of a long, careful studio labour and the accomplishment of a producer with an ear for crystal-clear tracks, “Freaky Disco Vintage Breaks” is its catchier, heavier and dancier pendant. Still razor-sharp, it is a much more playful and radiant release, in which AZ-Rotator manages to marry his hi-fi (or is it sci-fi?) beats with old-school hooks and body-shaking melodies. Freaky and broken in its details but vintage and disco in its ambition and target, AZ-Rotator's new record comes as a much welcome bridge the complex form of IDM and the party function of electronic beats. A highly seductive, catchy, energetic and clever courtesy of AZ-Rotator's electronic wizardry.

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