Blu Mar Ten LP 06 by Conduct

  • Label: Blu Mar Ten
  • Title: Borderlands
  • Reference: Blu Mar Ten LP 06
  • Format: 2x12"
  • Country: UK
  • Categories: Drum & bass
  • Style: Drum N' Bass
  • Weight: 0.50
  • Release date: 05/05/2022
  • Catalog entry: 05/05/2022
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Blu Mar Ten LP 06 review

Known collectively as Conduct, Robin Andrews & Chris Edwards began collaborating in 2009, working on a range of creative endeavours from graphic art to composition to cinematography. Between them, Conduct has a rich and diverse musical history, playing live in Extreme-Metal, Be-Bop and Jazz bands while also working in the delicate nuances of digital sound design. This tapestry of experience is reflected in their dynamic, widescreen DJ sets which range from the subsonically deep, through the beautifully soulful to the fearsomely technical.

Fascinated with experimentation at 170 beats per minute, Conduct operates in the area between electronic and acoustic instrumentation with a cinematic approach to composition influenced by the likes of Hans Zimmer and Jesper Kyd.

While it’s common for Drum & Bass producers to concentrate on dance-floor impact, Conduct‘s primary focus is to create rich harmonic interpolations and potent imagery that never fails to provoke a strong emotional response in the listener.

Borderlands is Conduct’s debut album, perfectly showcasing their unique ability to juxtapose natural and artificial sonics, deadly seriousness and light heartedness. An album of severe light and shade, Conduct have beautifully constructed an environment that sits somewhere between the heat of dusty Western desert vistas and glacial extraterrestrial landscapes.

Instantly signed by the ground-zero label of innovative Drum & Bass, Blu Mar Ten Music, Borderlands is a masterful introduction to the Conduct sound and sees this electrifying new act join label-mates Frederic Robinson and Kimyan Law in the total redefinition of 170bpm dance music.

Conduct enjoys support from Noisia, London Elektricity, Doc Scott, Reso and many more.

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