Urbsounds 59 by Mtheorem

  • Label: Urbsounds
  • Title: Right Diagonal
  • Reference: Urbsounds 59
  • Format: LP
  • Country: SK
  • Categories: Industrial Techno / hardtechno
  • Style: Electro, Breakcore, Techno, Acid
  • Weight: 0.30
  • Release date: 03/07/2023
  • Catalog entry: 03/07/2023
  • Average rating:

Urbsounds 59 review

Right Diagonal' kicks off with the title track which presents a potent wall of sound that undulates across a pensive current. Distant vocals, frazzled signals and stuttering drum patterns work together to build a fantastically unheimlich vibe. The Crosser version then projects sound into a spacious, chilly warehouse as reverberated flashes of sound depict futuristic machines at work.

'Conjugated In Boring Crimes' then follows up with a dense, shuddering recording. Growls and whispers swell beneath more dystopian sonics before 'Safe Resist' rolls out as a jagged Techno experiment. A steady kick propels a rich, metallic sound palette before 'One Man Clearing' renders another scene of murky futurism.

'Farewell Seesaw' then follows up with a subtle Electro track peppered with hypnotic vocals and a distant, snappy snare. The 'Clubmix' version then delivers what it promises as urgent drums whip up a menacing, heady dance floor vibe.

'Night Voodoo' then brings things to a close as cinematic sweeps suffuse a sawtooth sequence and thick, bubbling bass tones. Frazzled hats bleed through in giving the track a certain live feeling which brings the record to a close.

The beautiful cover art comes courtesy of Castell Lanko, while Thomas P. Heckmann is on mastering duties

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