Modern Hypnosis VA 3 by Pugilist, Henry Greenleaf, Ebb

Modern Hypnosis VA 3 review

The third installment of our four-part 12" series features our favorite artists from around the world.

Melbourne's Pugilist opens the gates with 'Flip Trix.' It's a dub-drenched, broken techno hybrid with earth-shattering low-end throughout. This lengthy 130bpm track, with foggy breaks and frosty pads, smartly concludes on a 4x4 beat to ensure a smooth exit. 'Flip Trix' is certainly a future percy for all.

Next, we have Bristol-based Henry Greenleaf, a music producer who provides jaw-dropping moments throughout his work. 'Stopper Knot' starts off with a murky low growl and soon evolves into a fully-fledged UK techno beast with ups, downs, twists, and turns. It's like the soundtrack to all of existence captured in 4 minutes and 37 seconds. An absolute tune.

Closing out the release, we have a very special track from Ebb, a resident of New Zealand's South Island. This tune comes with a Product Safety Warning. *We strongly advise never listening to this tune in small groups or while sitting down. 'GTAM' is a weaponized, peak-time, world-ending, acidic bass mutant designed for use only between 2 am and 4 am*. In true Ebb style, heavy and precise production.

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