Mirex C15 by Mad EP, Bit Shifter, Twenty Knives, Submerged, Aerostatic, Mathhead

  • Label: Mirex
  • Title: N.Y.C. Gully Gothem Grit
  • Reference: Mirex C15
  • Format: LP
  • Country: DE
  • Categories: Breakcore
  • Style: Breakcore Drill
  • Weight: 0.25
  • Release date: 10/28/2006
  • Catalog entry: 10/28/2006
  • Average rating:

Mirex C15 review

N.Y., always a melting pot of cultures and styles. the city that doesn't sleep - and if you make it there you'll etc.-etc.. Important for the US subculture for decades (if you don't know 'no New York' yet, you should look out...). besides the academic 'knitting factory' scene, there has always been artists who are and will keep 'underground'. What that means in this case: fresh, dry and rowdy! And that's what this compilation series should be - a little overview of what's happening in this post-9/11 moloch of a city that is still a nutrient solution for something new! Mad EP's "Acid Jig' is G.G.G. Volume 1's perfect opener, keeping the roughness of the sixties and transforming it into the 21st century - featuring a little homage to a young vocalist from Texas. This is the only track which has been already released (on Mad EP's phantastic 'Not Afraid Of Spiders' cd). Bit Shifter is one of the big names in the gameboy scene, having performed regularly in New York, and touring literally around the whole world. He is equally at home alongside fellow chiptune musicians as well as breakcore-cult-acts such as Drop The Lime and Enduser. 'Surge' is a syncopated, straight track making you move and twitch. Go for it! Twenty Knives is an extremely talented youngster (he's only 21), who has already toured Japan with Enduser and had a split-7" with Joseph Nothing. 'mMloko Velocet' will let your ears bleed - ultra-fast, hard as fuck and kicking your poor ass! turn the record over and continue with dnb ruffneck, Submerged. 'Gi Choke' is a drum-and bass/breakbeat-mix with a killer-subbass and heavy-hitting, live-recorded drums. Following the mayhem is the slower 'Polychrome' by Aerostatic, its pounding 16th-drums keeping the spacy synths and infectious grooves from leaving earth. Mathhead sets the furious finale with 'Toxic Special', attacking mind and body with a merciless crescendo of beats, breaks, speed and volume. You want more? You'll get more - promised! this is only the beginning....

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