Kiosk 18 de Dj Absurd

  • Label: Kiosk
  • Titre: I8COPS Vol 2
  • Référence: Kiosk 18
  • Format: 12''
  • Pays: FR
  • Catégories: Bass dubstep grime
  • Style: Slammin Dubstep
  • Poids: 0.24
  • Date de sortie: 18/09/2010
  • Ajouté le: 18/09/2010
  • Note moyenne:

Kiosk 18 Commentaire

Not long after the first volume, this second wax from Absurd on the Kiosk Records imprint delivers the right dose of energetic groundshaking Dubstep for the Bass afficionados .

The A side track "L.Year" (do we see a certain taste for dumb wordplays here ?) will take you on a back to the future trip : while its hiphopish drum pattern embraces an heavy guitar riff wich will remind you of some of the finest 90s Fusion , its frantic and almost manic wobble part will defintaley will displace your body soul into the future ! Gettin reloads & crowd massive reaction everytime its been played so far , we could say without much risk of being wrong that its definately a tune you'd want for the hype time of your Dubstep set.

On the B side "Crazy Wasteman" has been getting a few names & words back from Dj's & ravers that speak for theirselves : "piratestep", "frenchstep", "gipsystep" etc.. Basically the tune sounds like if you mix typical continental/eastern europe accordion swagger with a dubby flavour with some of the sickest drops.

"Kiss" , despites its name has nothing to do with any sort of girly/ nice material , the vocal gimmick of the tracks shows again Absurd's love for childish provocation & 2nd degree jokes while the tune's general mood & drops wont left no Bass Raver disappointed .

Of course as on the first volume of the i8cops serie , the artwork is on the same twisted humour note & wont leave no heads not turning back thanks to the ever improving Larry Print.

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Commentaires client

kioskeclectic@gmail.com , 17/04/2011

Good release !
Good mastering !
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