LavaLava 05 by Yao Bobby, Simon Grab, Dhangsha

  • Label: Lavalava
  • Title: Diamonds
  • Reference: LavaLava 05
  • Format: LP
  • Country: UK
  • Categories: Hip hop Industrial
  • Style: Industrial Hip Hop
  • Weight: 0.24
  • Release date: 10/02/2019
  • Catalog entry: 10/02/2019
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LavaLava 05 review

Absolutely mad, and utterly unique combination styles coming from Simon Grab & Yao Bobby here via LAVALAVA – this one’s been the talk of the town for a while now – we’re proud to unleash first copies right here!

Following on from NPLGNN’s acidic dancehall excursions, LAVALAVA is proud to present a new border-crossing project, combining the cutting-edge political vox of Yao Bobby, a togolese rapper and political activist, with the no-input feedback ‘dancehall’ experiments of swiss noisemaker Simon Grab.

‘Diamonds’ is a vocally loud, and sonically charged 5 track EP ( Dhangsha remix and instrumentals on the flip) that tackles the – still-existing – problems of the diamond trade in Africa, specifically Togo, where Yao Bobby lives.

Spitting lyrics in his mother tongue French and Ewe, Yao Bobby addresses local and global issues, around the political & financial greed & power f*ckry that affects the marginalised and suffering all over the world.

Simon Grab, well-versed in abnormal sound experimentation through previous works and installations, coming at sound-art with a truly experimental and DIY attitude, came into connection with Yao Bobby while working with artists in West Africa 15 years ago – an unlikely match between two mavericks in their own respects.

Equal parts vocal energy and instrumental force, Yao Bobby’s wild style and charged lyrics burn and sizzle in perfect (dis)harmony with the blistering rhythmic feedback pulse and self-inflicted bass injections from Simon Grab’s heavily reduced ‘analog no-input’ setup, consisting mainly of a purposely incorrectly wired mixing desk, pushing the components deep into the red, for maximal noise in a reductionist style.

The Diamonds EP is now pressed up and ready to fly out to ya.

Edition of 200, served on red vinyl.
Embossed sleeve, with photography by Cédric Kouamé & design by Hammer.
Additional insert 11″ risoprint & sticker included, designed by Patch D. Keyes.

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