Unity 01 by Headland

  • Label: Unity Through Sound
  • Title: Tapescho / Midnight Drive
  • Reference: Unity 01
  • Format: 10" Handstamped
  • Country: NL
  • Categories: Bass dubstep grime
  • Style: Dubstep
  • Weight: 0.20
  • Release date: 12/17/2016
  • Catalog entry: 12/17/2016
  • Average rating:

Unity 01 review

After months of preparations, the UK based label Unity Through Sound is proud to step forward and announce its existence. Darren Underhill, the head honcho (that goes under the ‘Sound Unknown’ alias) of the newly established imprint, aims to bring unique artists and their refreshing take on dub and roots influenced bass music straight to vinyl.

The imprint introduces its vinyl-only operation, catalogued as ‘UNITY001’, with cuts from the New Zealander ‘Headland’. The producer & DJ has caused great uproar the past two years with his distinct sound that contains the raw, loose DMZ-esque aesthetics from back in the day.

He has been able to deliver his twisted take on haunting tones, bass weight exercises and personal insanity on respected labels such as FatKidOnFire, Well Rounded Records and Deep Dark & Dangerous. This all, with much more on the horizon, will follow from the kiwi soon. Make sure to keep an eye on a rising talent from six feet below.

Headland’s first blastoff ‘Tapescho’ is all about distorted reality caused by a manic bassline, which floats on an evil bed of ghost-esque shapes. Together they rule the sediment of this creepy crawler, which escalates into a trance-inducing affaire that will strike the unheard. The producer continues to let you lose your mind with the help of B-side ’Midnight Drive’, which hits you from a slightly different angle. Although there are other ingredients present, it’ll slowly drive you off a cliff. Careful listeners will identify unheard tones that’ll cause nausea and paranoia. Watch out: The producer does what he does best to unleash his wholehearted mind games.

Unity Through Sound is ready to build on the right foundation of dub and roots influenced bass music in order to push its sound to higher grounds. With Headland being its first signee, it hopefully sets the tone in order for you to follow the label’s progressive intelligence.

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