Jarring Effects 119 LP by Al'Tarba, Paloma Pradal, Danitsa, Bonnie Li, Jessica Fitoussi, Dj Nix'on, Lateb, Bekay

Jarring Effects 119 LP review

The real world becomes a dreamlike vision with the track Let the Ghosts Sing. Conductor of a joyfully funeral ball, Al’Tarba is playing with piano, glockenspiel and guitar or trumpet organic sounds echo’s back by abstract beats and electro patch. The album is filled with voices like a ghost whispering in our ears. Vaporous, the sampled voices never truly reveal themselves, and we’re not even sure if we heard them in the first place. At other times, the ghost take human form with the Tsigane singer Paloma Pradal from Bonnie Li, Jessica Fitoussi or the reggae girl Dantisa. Let the Ghosts Sing could be the soundtrack for a Tim Burton movie, as we feel joy surrounded by death. Siberian Vengeance or Still Insomniac take us to a trip inside our own mind when Gangster & Rude Girls or My Vicious Sidework as a carthasis, as we headbang our troubles away. That’s the strength of Al’Tarba and this opus, they bring us to an imaginary place where we face the nostalgia and spookiness of our childhood, while enjoying it as an adult.

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