Peur Bleue LP 01 RP by Alextrem

  • Label: Peur Bleue
  • Title: Little Freaks Party
  • Reference: Peur Bleue LP 01 RP
  • Format: 2X12''
  • Country: FR
  • Categories: Tribe Hardcore Home prod
  • Style: Hardtek, Mental Tribe, Hardfloor Acid, Acid tribe
  • Weight: 0.52
  • Release date: 10/01/2017
  • Catalog entry: 01/01/2019
  • Average rating:

Peur Bleue LP 01 RP review


Repress of the First Album on Peur Bleue ! Alextrem and his fresh style :)

Hardtek oldschool with one idea per track is the vibe here :

Never too much, in constent evolution... Sober sound accepted through various angles : Hardtek, Hardcore (Hyro) or Electro tribe (On UFO Are Back)... Loud and clean sound:).

The Visual here is very important too :

If the sleeve is released by our FDB Vestee crew the Photos are here done by Yamoy... Mr Little Freaks Society organized a Party for Peur Bleue near London ! All these photos on the sleeve were made there, at the Peur Bleue party... except that...

This is not real humans, it's a figurine party ^^

Maximum fun and big respect for Yamoy !

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Boutefeu Mathis , 08/06/2018

À quand un restockage de ce vinyl svvvvvppppp
Fabuleu 13 , 06/21/2015

J'ai acheter chez vous le alextrem et le 1er morceau me rappel votre toolbox 01 petit et rose marbré un style qui et pour moi :on top non stop...
Merci pour cette nouvelle production et pour le reste aussi....
On n'est pas le meilleur,quand on le croit,mais quand on le sait...
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