Ad Noiseam 50 CD by AZ Rotator

  • Label: Ad noiseam
  • Title: Science Of Chance
  • Reference: Ad Noiseam 50 CD
  • Format: CD
  • Country: DE
  • Categories: Unformated breakz
  • Style: BREAKCORE
  • Weight: 0.23
  • Release date: 10/07/2005
  • Catalog entry: 10/07/2005
  • Average rating:

Ad Noiseam 50 CD review

The debut album by Spanish sensation AZ-Rotator is a detailed-to-the-bone combination of fractal beats, beautiful harmonies and abrupt breaks. Constantly on the move, these tracks are the result of a careful digital trickery, pushing the envelope of what can be re-invented with complex electronic music, and how tasty it can be. “Science of chance” is an album of uncommon beauty, paired with a masterful sense for electronic composition. Uge Ortiz (AZ-Rotator) probably missed a career as an alchemist by a few hundred years. An experienced composer, this Madrid-based musician is a relentless experimentator with a thing for trying out combinations and formulas that one would never think to work on. Making up with the times and trading the philosopher’s stone for a studio crammed with audio hardware, AZ-Rotator has been transmuting beats into gold for some years, a hard labour that gave birth to this accurately titled debut album, “Science of chance”. AZ-Rotator started handing out demos to friends and musicians active in Madrid in late 2004, and quickly caught the attention not only of Ad Noiseam, but also of several promoters who invited him to perform a series of highly regarded concerts in 2005, among others with Venetian Snares and at two of Europe’s biggest festivals for challenging electronic music (Spain’s Decibelio and Germany’s Maschinenfest). “Science of Chance” is a careful selection of tracks written by AZ-Rotator over two years, presenting Ortiz’s range of interest and talent. Dominated by a very crisp and precise sound, these tracks exhibit a new look at a post-IDM composition, prone to change itself constantly, but manipulate the sound wizardry into an expressive ensemble. A counterpoint to the current retro analog touch, Ortiz also unfolds a resolutely digital approach and sound, keeping a scrupulous control over each beats and each hook. There is definitely more science than chance on his album. Hard hitting, but featuring a very melodic core, AZ-Rotator’s music is a matter of strata. Supported by the crystal-clear production and the high dynamic of their sound, these tracks are often moving, sometimes angry, and constantly on the move. Emotive harmonies are here to meet the sharp beats; “Science of chance” is a work as valid when dropped by a DJ as when dissected with an aural microscope.

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