Superfly Studio 38 by Dreadsquad, Dub Princess, Kojo Neatness, Gardna, Greg Blackman, El Fata, YT, Tenor Youthman, Takeyce-Ti, Chainska Brassika, Tom Spirals

Superfly Studio 38 review

Dreadsquad, AKA Marek Bogdanski, returns to the scene with the second and third instalments of his Riddim Machine series. As part of a collaboration consisting of Dreadsquad's own Superfly Studio and the renowned Moonshine Recordings, listeners are in for a treat, courtesy of Poland's most prolific reggae dancehall producer. As ever, Dreadsquad manage to encapsulate all evolutions of reggae - from rocksteady , roots and rub-a-dub to dancehall and dub - all with a present-day twist to keep the bass bins rumbling and the people skanking. Both volumes will be available in both vinyl and digital format, so there's no excuse to miss out! Volume 2 is laced with an amalgamation of characters from the Reggae/Hiphop/Soul scene, featuring the likes of Kojo Neatness , Gardna, El Fata, Dub Princess, Tenor Youthman, Takeyce-Ti, Monkey Jhayam, ManeceLive or Greg Blackman in his soulful roots tune Clean Up. Among a plethora of sublime productions, with throwbacks to the old sounds of early reggae, roots and rub-a-dub, there's the highly anticipated anthem Issues (previously released on Bun Dem Riddim), with none other than the mighty YT on microphone duties . Keep an ear out for the remix of Chainska Brassika's Knowledge Is King (featuring Tom Spirals), there's some serious stepping to be done to this riddim. The closing track for this volume is more than worthy of a mention, as 'Space' manages to deliver a transcendentally meditative dub vibe to bring the record to a close in a suitable fashion. Both volume of Riddim Machine feature artwork illustrated by Kasia Wilk. The releases will be available digitally, via most online download stores (iTunes, Juno, Bandcamp, Amazon, etc.), as well as a physical vinyl release, available at most usual vendors.

Tracks list

  • 29847-0
    Dreadsquad ft. Doubla J - Full Time
  • 29847-1
    Papa Michigan - Nice Up The Dance (Dreadsquad Rmx)
  • 29847-2
    Taiwan MC - Gwaan Gyal (Dreadsquad Rmx)
  • 29847-3
    Dreadsquad ft. Million Stylez & Richie Riott - Gimmi Di Vapor
  • 29847-4
    Dreadsquad ft. Skarra Mucci - Friendenemy
  • 29847-5
    Dreadsquad ft. Zico MC - And We Do It Like That
  • 29847-6
    Dreadsquad ft. Ward 21 (Kunley Da Kulprit) - She Wants Ganja
  • 29847-7
    Dreadsquad ft. Jman - Screw Face
  • 29847-8
    Dreadsquad ft. Menacelive & Jman & Zico MC - Get Away
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