Superfly Studio 37 by Dreadsquad, Dub Princess, Gardna, Kojo Neatness, Greg Blackman, El Fata, YT, Tenor Youthman, Takeyce - Ti, Chainska Brassika, Tom Spirals

Superfly Studio 37 review

Volume 3 serves to retain Dreadsquad's core values - their attitude towards mash-ups and remixes, their roots in all that is reggae - whilst also providing a sound that is refreshing, original, and showcases some of the finest up & coming talent. Whereas Volume 2 remains much more true to its roots, Volume 3 turns up the heat and brings the fire to the dance. Once again, the LP is littered with artists who are soon to be on everyone's radar. Skarra Mucci, Zico MC, Jman, Charlie P, Million Stylez, need we say more Riddim Machine Vol. 3 is chocked full of edits and remixes guaranteed to start a fire in any venue. The legendary Papa Michigan's Nice Up The Dance is flipped on its head, with just the right amount of amen breaks and Reese bass to keep any junglist's gun fingers in the air. Get Away revolves around a display of lyrical wizardry from MenaceLive, Jman and Zico MC in true cypher style. CharlieP makes a special appearance for the digi-dancehall smasher That Is Life, complete with classic 80s orchestral hits reminiscent of the foundation fashion. This one's a dubplate, you should feel blessed to hear it!

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