Monkey Tool 05 by Mental Nomad

  • Label: Monkey Tool
  • Title: Mentallica
  • Reference: Monkey Tool 05
  • Format: LP
  • Country: FR
  • Categories: Hip hop Home prod
  • Style: Dark Hip Hop instrumental
  • Weight: 0.30
  • Release date: 08/01/2008
  • Catalog entry: 07/31/2017
  • Average rating:

Monkey Tool 05 review

Partial vinyl edition of the "Mentallica". And It's Inhabitants" CD album published in 2002 on the New Yorkean label WordSound. To try to classify this instrumental opus would raise of a challenge so much the universe of Mentol Nomad appeals to as different as sometimes incompatible audio styles: downtempo, abstract, ambient, mental, industrial, jazzy. Rocked by the Brooklyn hip hop culture, Daniel Dejesus (TheAgriculture, Tigerbeat, Suppon Records) invites here to the exploration of his subconscious. As of the first notes, we're thus unloaded in Mentallica, a kind of ghost city or imaginary no man's land, populated by imperceptible spectra. If the optimistic ŗRd Visions" and "Deity" still let foresee the possibility of escaping from this nightmare, "Fallen Angels" with its paranoiac atmosphere a la Hitchkock points out that we are in hostile ground and that somewhere, crouched in the darkness, the Evil watches for us. Clever mixes of deep emotions, mutant strings, unhealthy echoes and heading beats, the eight titles of the release sound as the improbable meeting between Kid Koala and Angelo Badalamenti. Musical designer of the spirit, American signs a splendid gloomy soundtrack made of impossible sound collages, fusions between real instruments and virtual machines for an impressive final in the form of a brainwashing. A sumptuous album of intelligent electronica, caustic and creative at the same.

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