Vinyl Fanatiks 57 by Aquasky

  • Label: Vinyl Fanatiks
  • Title: Don't Go, K-Rox
  • Reference: Vinyl Fanatiks 57
  • Format: 12" Cosmic Mars
  • Country: UK
  • Categories: Ragga jungle Electro / breaks
  • Style: UK Hardcore, Jungle
  • Weight: 0.24
  • Release date: 03/20/2024
  • Catalog entry: 03/20/2024
  • Average rating:

Vinyl Fanatiks 57 review

Aquasky are a trio that formed in Bournemouth in 1995, inspired by the likes of LTJ Bukem, DJ Krust and Roni Size. They were signed to Moving Shadow for a three-single deal by the strength of the first two tracks that they made together. But the label had a heavy release schedule back then, so it took 2 years for the 3 releases to come out. During that time though they wrote more music for R&S and Reinforced as well as untold remixes.

These two tracks were written whilst signed to Moving Shadow but were not released at the time as drum and bass was progressing in style and tempo. So, they were put to DAT and forgotten about until 2015 when the band put out a 20 year compilation, finding the tracks on one of their many DAT tapes.

The music will take you right back to the mid-90’s when the music was deep and rolling and there were no hard and fat rules on how to make drum & bass.

This release has a close connection to Vinyl Fanatiks as the label is run by Brent from Aquasky.

Pressed by the mighty Phil ‘The Vinylman’ East on 180g heavyweight vinyl. This release is a bespoke product as no one record is the same. Designed to look like the planet Mars and part of a 4 vinyl Cosmik series.

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