Fuck Techno Import Mix LP by 69DB

  • Label: Expressillon
  • Title: Le Fuck Techno Import Mix
  • Reference: Fuck Techno Import Mix LP
  • Format: 3x12''
  • Country: FR
  • Categories: Tribe / freetekno
  • Style: Spiral Tribe, Old School Tribe
  • Weight: 0.70
  • Release date: 08/27/2011
  • Catalog entry: 08/27/2011
  • Average rating:

Fuck Techno Import Mix LP review

Sealed copy !

3 x LP version out form an old Live Set from 1996. Probably the best Tribe 69DB Record ever.
The story of this LP is very complicated... Techno Import was, at this time, the biggest shop in Paris, and probably in France... They decided to put out a CD (Sound Of Teknival) from the Spiral Tribe.
But, at some point Spiral Tribe were not happy with this project (Money, copyright stories, etc...).

Through Shark Record (the Techno Import Label for this project), decided to put this CD compilation whatever the artists were OK or not... And 69 to release a tape called « Fuck Techno Import ».
Just these few words, not really against Techno Import, but just to explain some more about the title of this LP.

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Customers reviews

Keule2020 , 01/19/2021

good old time ;-)
HERA303 , 05/18/2012

emmanuel vigouroux2 , 08/14/2009

une bombe tout simplement!!! de la bonne tribe à l'ancienne... rave on!!!
DUNCAN ROBERTS , 07/03/2009

Apocalyptic Dub too;o)
Marie-Eve Séguin , 06/03/2009

j avais décrocher un peu de la tribe......mais la beaucoup trop nostalgique j ai pas pu m empecher de l acheter.... j espere qu ils feront la meme chose avec skunk mix...
Gautier Cortes22 , 06/02/2009

Probablement la mix tape que j'ai le plus écouté de ma vie.
Un des meilleurs live que j'ai entendu...
Quel plaisir de voir cette repress !!!!
Hervé GOUDET , 05/31/2009

Ah !! Merci Techno Import (cyber prod) d'avoir inspiré ce live.
Continuez a **** les gens ! Ca nous motive !!!

Respect 69db !!
On l'a usé et plus qu'usé cette mix tape !
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