Galletas Calientes LP 157 by Solo Moderna

Galletas Calientes LP 157 review

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Homemade synthesizers, banjo, guitar, recycled toys and broken electronic beats .. there’s more to Solo Moderna than just an unconditional love for analog tweaking. From his native town of Tilburg, Netherlands, Multi-instrumental virtuoso Bas Voorn is peaking in on all corners of the world, infusing Mento, ska, cumbia, Balkan, dancehall, dembow or afrohouse, into his minimal, joyful, 8-bit, approach towards electronica, to create strangely syncopated, ridiculously infectious grooves. It’s as if Kraftwerk and Señor Coconut went on a trip to Africa, the Balkans, the Caribbean and South America, and "Republica Moderna" emerged from these adventures. From the Balkan-Dembow of “Escúchame Como Soy” and the cumbia of the Washington-based Empresarios in “La Bandolera”, to the sun- kissed, afrohouse vibe of “Sonido SID Africano” and the west African “Republica de chonta”, Solo Moderna gleefully shifts from the acoustic to the synthesized to create a surprisingly coherent work. For Solo Moderna, life is not something to be taken so seriously. Instruments are toys, and Earth and it’s cultural diversity a playground. It is this unique lightheartedness and flippancy, moving you to smile, dance and enjoy life as it is, that makes Solo Moderna one of the few artists you can recognize immediately after an 8- bar snippet of a song heard in any club around the corner. Republica Moderna, his 3rd album to date, is a vibrant, delightfully upbeat, timeless homage to the world’s musical diversity.

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Tracks list

  • 34244-2
    A1. Solo Moderna - Boum Boum PREVIEW
  • 34244-3
    A2. Solo Moderna - La Bandolera (Feat Empresarios) PREVIEW
  • 34244-4
    A3. Solo Moderna - Escuchame Como Soy PREVIEW
  • 34244-5
    A4. Solo Moderna - Feliz Sintetizador PREVIEW
  • 34244-6
    B1. Solo Moderna - Sonido SiD Africano PREVIEW
  • 34244-7
    B2. Solo Moderna - Momento Mistico PREVIEW
  • 34244-8
    B3. Solo Moderna - Republica De Chonta PREVIEW
  • 34244-9
    B4. Solo Moderna - Mento Moderna PREVIEW
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