Ad Noiseam 60 DVD by Larvae, Mad EP, Andrey Kiritchenko, Timetravel of a snail, Air Inspector, Exillon, Lapsed, Dälek, Keef Baker, Horchata, Antigen Shift, Enduser, Kazumi, Cordell Klier, Uniform, Morc, Cdatakill, Non Non, Bong-Ra, Mothboy, The Panacea, Needle Sharing, Subm

  • Label: Ad Noiseam
  • Title: 2001 – 2006
  • Reference: Ad Noiseam 60 DVD
  • Format: DVD 2xCD
  • Country: DE
  • Categories: Dvd selecta
  • Style: Electronica Hip Hop Breakcore
  • Weight: 0.45
  • Release date: 04/29/2006
  • Catalog entry: 04/29/2006
  • Average rating:

Ad Noiseam 60 DVD review

Ad noiseam adn60 double audio CD and DVD 30 audio tracks, 14 videos. Launched in April 2001 with the “Krach Test” triple CD compilation, Ad Noiseam celebrates its fifth birthday and 60th release with another massive compilation, in the form of two CDs and a DVD packaged in a tall triple digipack and packed with almost four hours of new music and video. Over the course of five years, Ad Noiseam has released records and CD of a wide variety of styles, giving headaches to reviewers trying to pigeon-hole the label into a small category. From the melancholic guitars of Magwheels to the hectic breaks of Enduser, from the deep atmospheres of Wilt to the booty-shaking bass of Mothboy, Ad Noiseam invites its listeners to sit down and enjoy the variety of the label with “Ad Noiseam 2001-2006”. A musical ride, this project is also a way to look at what has been done, and what Ad Noiseam stands for. These five years have been a hard ride, but one rich in musical quality, in surprises and in evolution. Ad Noiseam is proud to be able to invite you to take a look at the past and the present, and dive head first into its future.

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