Ad Noiseam 68 CD by MAD EP

  • Label: Ad Noiseam
  • Title: The Madlands Trilogy
  • Reference: Ad Noiseam 68 CD
  • Format: 3xCD
  • Country: DE
  • Categories: Unformated breakz
  • Style: Breakbeat Abstract
  • Weight: 0.00
  • Release date: 11/25/2006
  • Catalog entry: 11/25/2006
  • Average rating:

Ad Noiseam 68 CD review

Ever since his first contact with Ad Noiseam and the release of his debut album “Eating Movies” (adn44) in 2004, Matthew Peters expressed his wish to release his long-running, massive trilogy. “The Madlands”, a gathering of three mini-albums forming a very coherent entity, finally sees the light of the day in the form of a triple package showcasing Mad EP's most delicate and soundtrack-oriented work to date. If there is a story behind every song, then there is an entire travelogue that could accompany "The Madlands". Composed over seven years, while living in ten different apartments in five cities, then finalized in Brooklyn for a Berlin-based label, this deeply personal work reflects the life of Mad EP, a nomadic musician trying to find his way home. Sometimes literal and programmatic, other times artistically abstracted into metaphors, the music of "The Madlands" tells a series of seemingly unrelated tales interwoven into a single, cohesive one. Combining his oldest tracks with his most current (including his first electronic track ever written as well as tracks written shortly before handing in the whole trilogy), this non-linear collection roams deeper into the mad psyche and gives even more attention to his instrumental background. Featuring tracks written with long-time collaborators Mathhead, Chaonaut and David Young, as well as together with Matthew Peter's improv-jazz formation (The Manhattan Gimp Project), “The Madlands” appears as one of the most meditative, laid back and somewhat emotion-ridden work of Mad EP so far; the voices (essential on the previous albums "Eating Movies" and "Not Afraid Of Spiders") have been silenced, the melodies and soundscapes have taken the beat's preponderance. Mad EP might invite us to a journey through Mad lands, but you're certain he will not let your hand go.

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