Galletas Calientes 123 de Son Palenque, Bosq, Dj Rata Piano, Champetaman, Bleepolar, Colombiafrica, Louis Towers, Dj Panko, Zongo Abongo, The Busy Twist, Viviano Torres, Frikstailers, Umoja

Galletas Calientes 123 Commentaire

Sealed mint copy pa

500 copies limited vinyl, with DOWNLOAD CODE for high quality WAV / MP3 of the 14 track digital bundle.

One exclusive, vinyl only track.

After the success of vol. 1, French Colombia-based label
Galletas Calientes Records is back on track with another
"Palenque Records Afrocolombia Remix" series, inviting more
talented producers from worldwide "Global Bass" scene to
revisit all time Afro-Colombian classic musical pieces.
Palenque Records' original artists, such as Son Palenque,
Batata y Su Rumba Palenquera, Colombiafrica The Mystic
Orchestra.., living testimonies of how much Africa has
influenced traditional music in Colombia, have developed a
remarkable culture, collaborating with african musicians such
as Diblo Dibala, Bopol Mansiamina, Dally Kimoko or Nyboma.
Most of them are considered to be the precursors of
“Champeta", a unique musical genre setting its roots in the
west-african Soukous and folklore. This music is the origin of
the very interesting "Picó” culture of the Caribbean coast of
Colombia. In this volume, we´ll go deeper into modern
Champeta, re-interpreting nowadays dj's works of the like of
Rata Piano, typically dropping some catchy soukous guitar
samples and going mad on some cheap Casio sampler over
heavy drum machines played live.
Remixes and edits from Bosq (U.S.), The Busy Twist (UK),
Umoja (NL), Bleepolar (CO), Dj Panko (ESP) and Frikstailers
(AR) are featured on this second volume.
The digital bonus version, available for free with the vinyl,
comes with 8 extra remixes from Novalima (PE), Piper Street
Sound (US), Frikstailers and Umoja again, Copia Doble
Systema (DK), Thombs (CO), Kosta Kostov (DE), and Dj Galletas
Calientes (CO / FR).
Notice the colourful sleeve, originally hand painted by William
“El Maestro" Gutierrez, one of the most renowned "pico"
sound-system visual artists from Barranquilla Colombia.

download code & one Vinyl exclusive track

Les titres

  • 29987-0
    A1. Son Palenque - La Negra (Bosq Remix)
  • 29987-1
    A2. Dj Rata Piano & Champetaman - El Elefante Del Congo (Bleepolar Edit) (VINYL ONLY)
  • 29987-2
    A3. Colombiafrica & Louis Towers - No Habla Na (Dj Panko Remix)
  • 29987-3
    B1. Colombiafrica & Louis Towers - Mama Africa (The Busy Twist Remix - feat Zongo Abongo)
  • 29987-4
    B2. Colombiafrica & Viviano Torres - Zarandia Champeta (Frikstailers Remix)
  • 29987-5
    B3. Colombiafrica & Louis Towers - Mama Africa (Umoja Remix)
  • 29987-6
    B4. Dj Rata Piano - La Bala De Cianuro (Bleepolar Edit)
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