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Slaaploos 01

Pizza Noise Mafia

Boomarm 09


Spin UAT 01

Raoul Radical, Fourth Era, The

Mechanical Brain

Infernal Noise, Armaguet Nad, Grr

Acid Night Live 01

Scandal Orchestra, Logic LFO, Barouf

Kaotek 03

Johnny Sideways, Civil Unrest, Gotek,

Sulfurik 08

Gotek, Evobox

XP Digiflex HS 04

Rozzer's Dog, Magnum Force

Heraldic Spb 03

Dave Tarrida

Juncalor Records

Noize Creator

Structure 17

The Sculpture

Mono Tone 29


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Subway Stations St Maur (L3) ou St Ambroise (L9).
Open from 12AM till 8 PM - Thuesday to Saturday

With over 10 000 references and second hand's LPs for really cheap.
And of course the advice of a real record dealer.
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